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Although thoroughly tried in many countries, we would not claim that we the largest in the world, but our spotless record puts us on top of the list. We manufacture quality products to the specifications of ASTM / IS / DIN, in addition, the support of highly qualified team of chemical engineers, specially trained to comply with the said standards. Engineers are available along with our distributors/ applicators to assist our clients. We offer our customers the best technical support. It is our customer comfort and peace of mind that made us liable to carry a product liability insurance policy and takes full responsibility of any failure particularly caused by us. FAB mission is to assist any builder who wants to improve the quality and performance of their structure, concrete, mortar. FAB has a range of products suitable for use at all stages of construction from sub structure to super structure; roofing to finishing. In addition, products and services are provided for the maintenance and repair of existing buildings as well as for renovation of old structures. FAB ensure that trained and experienced personnel are available to serve the clients, consultants and the contractors at every stage of the construction activity. This helps to study the project requirement and parameters in detail, thereby ensuring selection of the right product, which shall be technically suitably and commercially viable for the application. We carefully picked our applicators by studying various parameters like infrastructure, ethical practice, right attitude for the successful completion of the work etc. Their experienced and skilled workforce is well trained and exposed in all kinds of work related to chemical applications in construction industry who ensure that each work executed by them is a signature to our clients for total satisfaction.

Product Services

Structural water proofing systems

Areas of application:

Basements, substructures, water retaining structures, sunken portion, wet area, terrace / roof, swimming pools etc.
  • Surface penetrative crystallization system
  • Two component cementitious systems, polymer modified system with fibre reinforced
  • Water proofing / heat reflective system - 5 layer HD and 3 layer Single component liquid membrane systems
  • Integral crystalline systems

Industrial and performance flooring systems - Epoxy, PU and E2U

Areas of application:

Factories, warehouses, pharmaceutical floors, sports flooring, hospitals, multistorey car parking, bridges
  • Epoxy solvent base and solvent free systems
  • PU moisture curing high durable systems
  • Water base epoxy for hygienic coatings
  • Chemicals resistant coatings

Concrete and mortar admixtures

Areas of application:

Ready mix and site batching concrete, Low Water cement ratio, High workability / Pre-cast concrete casting

  • Plasticiser
  • Super plasticiser
  • Ultra plasticiser
  • Reinforcement fibres

Tiling - Adhesives and Grouts

Areas of application:

Ceramic / granite / marble tile fixing - vertical & horizontal, joint grouting
  • Latex modified for submerged conditions
  • Epoxy based for hygienic area
  • Wet areas

Construction bonding systems

Areas of application:

Old concrete to new / surface applied for mortar / admixture to mortar

  • Latex modified
  • SBR modified
  • PVA Based
  • Damp proof admixture for emulsions
  • Plasticisers of mortars

Construction / Expansion joints

Areas of application:

Building joints, bridges, reservoirs, tunnels

  • Single component PU moisture curing system
  • Poly-sulphide Gun grade and pouring grade
  • Acrylic joint sealant for medium duty joints
  • Bitumen joint mastic
  • Butyl tapes

Concrete repair

Areas of application:

Structural repairing, columns, beams, injection grouting, honey combed area, pile head repair / re profiling

  • Polymer modified mortars
  • Fibre reinforced mortars
  • Epoxy repair systems
  • Micro concreting - pile head repair / reprofile
  • Non- shrink grout systems - baseplate fixing, general void filling
  • Injection grouting - Expansive cement/ PU / epoxy